Gums during Pregnancy

The gums become inflamed and tend to bleed easily during pregnancy due to hormones, in the same way that happens with nasal mucous membranes, which tends to produce frequent nosebleeds.

The same hormones of pregnancy make gums are more likely to accumulate Tartar and bacteria, so a frequent and proper dental hygiene is necessary especially during these months if we don’t want the situation to worsen. It is very common that gums bleed sparingly during the brushing of teeth or the wake of dental floss.

We must pay special attention to gums red, bulky, sore and bleeding excessively, since they could be a sign of gingivitis which, without receiving proper treatment, may lead to periodontitis wearing pregnant tights.

These complications of gum could trigger premature delivery if they are not treated in the right way and in time, by what we do precise a visit to the specialist. Another important argument for maintaining healthy gums is that periodontal problems could also make the woman to have a baby of low weight.

And, speaking of mother, another reason to take care of the mouth is that teeth tend to become loose in their sockets during pregnancy, so that we will not want to comply with the saying that “a woman loses a tooth with each child”.

It is easy to prevent, and maintaining frequent and proper oral hygiene and making periodic revisions in the consultation of the dentist will avoid major complications that can affect to gums during pregnancy.