Guide: Fit With The Smartphone

Smartphones are always there. We use them to exchange and inform us. Listen with them music and watch series. We play with smartphones and build numerous apps into our everyday life. It is no wonder that our mobile phone can also be a personal trainer. We show you how the smartphone makes you fit-without great effort or high costs.

1. Use Pre-Installed Health Apps

Whether Apple Health on the iPhone or S Health on the Samsung Galaxy S7, health apps create first incentives for more exercise. They include steps, distances, floors. They can be combined with other tracking apps. Or with a smart watch that measures your activity. Defines goals. You do not have to start right away. But 30 minutes of walking a day help you get fit. And your smartphone evaluates the distance you have traveled during this time.

If your mobile phone does not have a health app, the combination of an external app and step counter is a good idea from Cellphoneexplorer. Also helpful: Apps for a better diet.

2. Load Fitness Apps For More Fitness

Going warm is the warmup when it comes to doing something out of sports club or gym for fitness.That is not enough for you? Then get a fitness app for running, biking and more cardio training.Runtastic, Runkeeper and Endomondo are just a few representatives among the fitness apps. They are available free of charge and they are available for iOS and Android.

Some functions and individual training plans are generally only available for paying users. If thebasic functions, namely the tracking and the storage of your data, suffice you the free variant.

3. Make The Smartphone A Coach

Brings your smartphone to the coach. Instead of expensive personal trainer the mobile phone is used. By doing exercises with your own body weight. Calisthenics call these self-weight exercises and include, among other things, knee bends, lying supports and failure steps. If you are more ambitious, you can download the Freeletics app, which brings you to your limits and then into shape with intensive workouts.

Or you combine fitness with relaxation and exercise yoga. In addition to apps, you can also find various YouTube videos and courses, which will allow you to slowly approach the more demanding exercises.

4. Stream Music For More Motivation

Movement is much more fun with music. Try it out and create playlists for your training sessions.Songs you hear while walking or running should be adjusted to your average or desired tempo.Some fitness apps import lists and music tracks from iTunes, Google Play Music, or Amazon Music.Creating intelligent playlists makes it easier to select the appropriate titles for the planned workout.Streaming services such as Spotify also provide inspiration for sportive songs. Attention: Keep the data volume in mind!

5. Make Friends Online

You should not underestimate the power of social networks during training. They are a great motivation source. Just have fun with friends from Facebook! This can be done with Runtastic or Nike+Running. Or you post your course, Selfies and your new running shoes at Instagram and Co. Hashtag do not forget and mark followers, then it works with the online spur. This way you can strengthen your back and keep your progress. And no way is too far.