Guerlain Parure Gold, More Than a Color Makeup Base

Changes in products of Guerlain makeup We have somewhat clueless assiduous users because they do not stop change ranges. No we cannot complain too much because it is true that it is always to improve some aspect of their quality, whether they are the textures and tones.

Foundation treatment Issima makeup range has disappeared and arrives Parure Gold, an extension of the bases of make-up Parure for skins more mature or off. There is a change important texture, just as opaque but much lighter.

The new range focused your property star in the illumination of the face as a weapon of rejuvenation, thanks to gold pigments that contain both make-up fluid and compact powders. Off tone that is taking the skin with age is cancelled Parure gold. This type of formulas are perfect for illuminating also stressed and dull skins. The tone of complexion you are looking for is young and healthy hairstyle featured on health-beauty-guides.

The old Issima extremely creamy texture is already very far away: sure that very dry texture crema-pieles users will miss it. Actually it was irreplaceable. Now we have the the compact and fluid makeup.

I would recommend you to try especially the compact: is a marvel. Contrary to what many people believe, covers and gives uniformity to the skin as the same make-up fluid. I use it and it camouflages alike my blemishes. I am delighted with the dusty finish of this compact, so easy and fast to apply. Ideal to carry in the bag and allowed a tweak on the nose in any place.