Grooveshark is Back, or So

Grooveshark, the popular service streaming and sharing music, left millions orphaned users to close the doors on Thursday (30). The company was accused of illegally distributing material protected by copyright and signed a surrender agreement with the record companies. Days later, Grooveshark is finally back. Or nearly so.


According to BGR, an anonymous individual connected to Grooveshark, identified only as Shark, he managed to make a copy of much of the service songs and released the collection in a new domain, the He would have started back up so he suspected that the service would be closed – suspicion that was confirmed days later.

The new page clearly has all the features of Grooveshark: there is only one engine search that returns results in a simple page and will only play one song at a time. Can not access playlists, log or even see the album cover. On the other hand, the collection looks as comprehensive as the old: it was possible to recover 90% of the content, according Shark.

According to the team responsible for putting the page in the air, the idea is to bring the Grooveshark back with the same before features, including playlists and favorites. We will see how the “new” Grooveshark will evolve in the coming months – and it will hold the pressure of record companies.

The old Grooveshark remains off the air after nearly ten years of activity. The Escape Media, owner of the service, was accused by major labels including Universal, Sony and Warner Music to distribute 4,907 unlicensed, intentionally and in bad faith. The justice ruled that the company should pay up to $ 736 million in damages. Trapped, the company was forced to terminate its activities.