Grey Bomber Jacket Outfit

Autumn comes, whether we like it or not. Sure, it may perhaps take a few days and weeks, but it will come. And then you should be prepared. It does not have the thick knit sweater be but a reasonable transition jacket should already then. In terms of appearance should convince them. The New Look Bomber Jacket-mid gray I might as exactly who you wanted.

Grey Bomber Jacket

Combining can be the bomber jacket in mid gray with a variety of outfits. Whether the bright Chino or dark jeans, everything is possible. One should only eighth in the compilation of his outfits that a certain contrast between the individual garments is given.This one’s look is not too boring. Personally, I can think of the combination with black jeans, sneakers introduced over a white shirt and white low-top.

The bomber jacket from New Look sets itself to a rather light shade of gray, which can be well combined. The vintage jacket is the outer fabric made from 100% cotton, but the food that relies on 100% polyester.With regard to length and fit, one can assume that this is comparable to other jackets, for both sizes normal. Special features does the retro bomber jacket from New Look to none.

Is closed, the solid-colored piece of clothing with a zipper on the front, this is not obscured. A small stand-up collar and pockets to put small accents. Quite handsome, I personally find the deposed hem on the sleeves and the bottom hem of the jacket. But is a matter of taste.

The model with 188 cm size wearing the jacket in size M. This case has an overall length of 66 cm, a back width of 45 cm and a sleeve length of 68 cm. With regard to the maintenance is to be noted that the garment is not suitable for the dryer. The wash at 40 ° C in the gentle cycle, however, should not be a problem.

For more information and visual impressions of the jacket, for example, the seam in the near view, there are on this page. Just stop by!