Gorilla Fastback Watch

For many years was an unwritten law in the watch industry: ever more unusual design, the more complex the materials, the more expensive the clock. Brands like Hublot, Richard Mille, or Linde Werdelin that impressively demonstrated. Octavio Garcia was the Creative Director on the designs of Audemars Piguet from 2010 to 2015. Each version of the Royal Oak Offshore considered monument in steel, carbon or ceramic. Already before his work he worked as design Director seven years as a designer at AP.

After his departure, he founded together with Lukas Gopp his own watch brand:Gorilla. Not only the name, the watch breaks all the rules. The design is exceptional.The materials of the model “Fastback” are exotic, the compilation as well. And the prize is the largest of all surprises: under 1,000 euros costs the design marvel in titanium, carbon, ceramic and aluminium. The name evokes as well associations, which fell. Fastback – like the famous sports car from the United States, the Ford Mustang in the fastback version. Even Lukas Gopp has a comprehensive background in the watch design. The studied designer worked for sector, IWC Schaffhausen, Ralph Lauren watches & jewelry co. and also Audemars Piguet.

A sandwich out of titanium, carbon, aluminium and ceramic-and a Sapphire Crystal. © Gorilla

Lukas Gopp, why Gorilla breaks so many rules explained in the conversation:

The basic idea behind the gorilla is to create something new and refreshing. A brand and a product that stands out from the mass of big Volume Brands, but also the many Microbrands.

Where will you be buying the watches?

Only the first 500 watches are sold exclusively on gorillawatches.ch. We are already with various dealers in a conversation and want to allow the customers, to experience the watch before you buy. The classical retail is our alternative to the sale of the watches.

No glass floor-but an engraved and matted floor made of titanium. The logo-Gorilla says, what would the clock and can’t: A little rough up the watch industry. © Gorilla

The design is striking-almost all innovative materials were processed. For no movement of Haute Horlogerie, but a Miyota 8215. that fits together?

Our answer is design. That is our strength. We want to prove that it is possible to have a great technical design language also without Mondpreise. The design of the fastback is extremely complex. A variety of layers of different materials, carefully selected. Carbon and titanium keep the weight of the clock despite its stately size of 44mm in the frame of 110 grams, but at the same time visually exciting and create a great contrast to the polished bezel made of ceramic with its rather matte surfaces. Ceramic and Sapphire make sure that the clock is also beauty and is very well protected in the most sensitive places. The concave shape of the polished ceramic bezel makes for interesting reflections. At the end of the line red anodized aluminium the fastback is something quite unique. The form is chosen so, that on the Handeglenk or in the top view at any time all materials are visible.

Was clear from the outset that a general smartwatch that will cost less than a thousand euro in the business, will force us to compromise. The price for a Miyota 9015, for example, would have resulted in either us compromises in the design or to a higher final price. None of these possibilities was the choice on the 8215 for us satisfying and so much. A very solid work that should meet our standards for the time being.

Your product breaks with conventions – that also applies to the name?

The idea for the name of Gorilla goes actually back to a game with the conventions. We wanted to buy any old French-sounding name and revive, or just write some more or less successful word game with our name.Gorilla stands for strength, presence and uniqueness. The brand underscores this also very nice. So, we have chosen a design language for the website meets these attributes.

Us is fully aware that the ghosts are divorced in our project. But we want to prove that polarizing creativity in this industry has still its raison d ‘ correction, not only in the price category of Richard Mille or Urwerk.

Your watch is no Smartwatch, but an automatic system. How to anticipates more youthful watch buyers?

Again, we want to inspire a young audience that has-separated years ago from wrist watches because everything looks nearly the same, prints the same posters and even every year is expensive. We do not believe that the boys have replaced the clock through the iPhone.

The dial is pure design as well: advertised minutes, the hour hand is three parts and looks like a turbine. Various breakthroughs provide optical depth. © Gorilla

A price under 1,000 euros: That is a challenge to the incumbent. Why did you decide for this way?

What has changed is the number of products for which this money is being spent.This trend was already long to watch the ladies watches. It never was a decision between watch, handbag, or high heels. The budget had sufficient for everything.Now we see this reinforced in men. This also explains why we are so strongly when the price limit of the fastback. 790 euros before taxes, but including delivery, keep the product in Germany and almost all EU countries under the 1,000 euro limit.

A first conclusion: Rebel his is worth. The design is exclusive, exciting and different. It white to please and unfolded ever new facets, that life with a clock to a lasting relationship will be. Soon a Hands-On session with the Gorilla fastback can be found here. We are also eagerly – hopefully – our readers on the first live impression. Keep on reading!