Gopro Hero 5 Supposedly Up To 60 Meters Water Resistant

Gopro Hero 5 Supposedly Up To 60 Meters Water Resistant

The GoPro Hero 5 could be much more robust and to offer some additional features the current GoPro Hero 4 models. So it is possible that the new action cam also under water in still greater depths than previously good services will afford.

In contrast to the GoPro Hero 4, that is waterproof with special housing at least up to 40 meters, the successor GoPro Hero 5 to withstand a water depth of up to 60 metres as ValueWalk want to know, citing multiple anonymous sources. Also, the camera could record videos for the first time in 8K-Auflösung. So far support the display of 8K-Material though currently as good as no monitors or television, but also on YouTube, there are first this high resolution videos. In addition, filmmaker might turn out details in certain scenes by stronger digital zoom without noticeable loss of quality.

Gopro Hero 5 Should Be Smaller And Lighter

Also in terms of size and weight to do something at the new action cam is: so the GoPro Hero 5 to be rumored significantly smaller and lighter than the current GoPro models. This could be especially for sports shots from the point of view of the athletes benefit – there is every gram. According to the leaked information the GoPro Hero 5 could be smaller and 40 percent lighter than the current GoPro hero cameras 50 percent. Despite the smaller size, it will also offer a better battery life.

The manufacturer has announced no details yet to the GoPro Hero 5. Remains so far even in the dark, when the release of the new camera model should be. But a recent downtrend at the GoPro Hero 4 could indicate that it takes too long until the new model will be presented. Then we will see, what really is the truth of the rumours.