Google Will Begin to Show How Long Media Visit to a Place

Google collects daily data from millions of users on the tool and in a chilling way locations history, and although these data certainly have an undoubted value for their advertising network, luckily also used to our benefit to populate the information of places in Google Maps and Google search.

Since almost a year ago, Google uses these data to collect the most popular hours of the various sites listed in Google Maps. I.e. the time where there are more visits throughout each day of the week. Now information is tuned a little more, because the average duration of the visit also includes.

Useful for planning trips

This feature has been announced by the same Google on his Twitter, without too much details on when it will begin to extend this function among users. Anyway, it is expected that this information is available in the same places where are the popular hours: Google Maps and the cards with information such as places, also available from Google search.

Find out how long people typically spend at a location before you head out the door. #GoogleApp

— Google (@google) July 13, 2016

Information on the average length of the visit is a further details such as popular and mentioned hours and the average waiting time to become your best ally at the time of plan a trip and you have no idea of how long can lead you to visit a museum or an attraction. It is not the same as the expert opinion of a guide, but you used approach.

Information, as you can see in the above screenshot, is displayed in a small text file where it simply says”people usually spend time here XX”. Now we can only imagine what further data will be able to collect Google using sensors of millions of Android phones in the future.