Google Wants to Improve Searches Using Android Voice Commands

Siri, Google Now, and Cortana. We are in the times in which virtual attendees promise to help us to carry out a more effective searches replacing having to write what we want to know by simple voice commands. But to what extent use the visitor on foot this type of searches?

It seems that not enough, or at least that’s what Google thinks. For this reason, the search engine company is beginning to experiment with examples and suggestions in the Android search box, which seem to be targeted at users who do not complete understand everything what can be achieved with only up talking with your phone.

It all started a few days ago with the emergence of a subtle suggestions in the search box located at the top of the desktop of our Android device. Some users have begun to report appeared them different types of example messages with suggestions of the types of searches that can be performed. It had everything from math to searches to find out which films were offering in the nearby cinemas.

But some users have also begun to report that these grants have become a little more aggressive, and that now also suggestions are displayed in a much more colorful and visual way on the page of the application of Google searches. They are the same suggestions of voice commands, but accompanied by a colorful drawing.

What do you you think that Google is trying to instructing less familiar users with voice search? Do you think that actually this attendees inside our mobile technology has become relevant between the ordinary mortals?