Google Wants to Contribute to the Future of Journalism with News Lab

For years we have been discussing the transformation of journalism with the growth of digital media, and it is undeniable the participation of Google in all this. The News Lab, announced on Monday (22), is a big bet of the search to improve the verification of data through the information and tools that Google services offer.

The News Lab integrates services like Maps, Search, Translate, YouTube and Trends , which was updated last week and started to show the interests of wider and immediate, based on 3 billion searches are made ​​on Google every day. In the video presentation, Google shows the operation of Fusion Tables – an integrated data visualization tool with Maps.

The News Lab is divided into four categories: Research, report, distribute and Optimize. You can, for example, use a data interpretation tool as the Public Data Explorer, check the reliability of images with Reverse Image Search and analyze surveys with Google Consumer Surveys.

Newspapers like New York Times and Guardian have built interactive maps with information on citizens with or without health insurance in the US or homeless in England. Google also announced partnerships with startups as Matter and Hacks / Hackers to develop new ideas and tools for journalists.

Initially, the News Lab team will operate in the United States, United Kingdom, France and Germany, but the project is “a global effort.”