Google Tried to Reach an Agreement with Sun for Android Development

We have more data about the demand for Oracle to Google by using the Dalvik virtual machine. This time information comes from court documents in the case that reveal that there was a agreement between Google and Sun Microsystems failed, owner of the virtual machine Java which was acquired by Oracle in 2009.

Court documents reveal that Google was in 2005 with negotiations with Sun Microsystems to be member of the Open Handset Alliance and participate in the development of Android. An email sent by Andy Rubin to Sergey Brin revealed that Jonathan Schwartz, CEO of Sun, was very excited about that possibility.

In 2005, Google was concerned to see how Microsoft was gaining enough market share in the mobile sector with what was looking for partners to be able to launch Android as soon as possible. One of the partners that could have advanced the development of Android was Sun, already uses the operating system would be in Java and Sun was the owner of the Java virtual machine.

The agreement would have a duration of three years in which Google would pay to Sun between 25 and 50 million dollars and the distribution of the benefits of the operating system. Google would be in the part of Linux and Sun’s Java. The email mentions that Sun was interested in having their own distribution. Android were not a product of Google, but a collaboration of both companies.

So is this agreement did not materialize and Google had to create its own Dalvik VM to execute Java applications. The Java language is free but not the official virtual machine. This delayed the release of Android, which had to do as in 2007 Apple ahead of him and took his first iPhone with a very green operating system, no multitasking and no native applications, so competition from Android was not Microsoft.

At the end of 2008 Google launched already on the market the first mobile with Android, the T-Mobile G1, and Sun Microsystem despite knowing that the operating system of the search engine could be violated some of its patents did nothing because Sue was not the style of the company, but this change next year.

Get 2009 and Sun is acquired by Oracle. Lawyers for Oracle to learn that Sun had not sued Google for Android shone them eyes and They sued Google the following year. Now, in 2011, Google and Oracle will have to sit down to negotiate again.