Google Tests Infinite Scrolling in Search Results

You will be spinning the scroll mouse, but it seems that the page never ends. The Google test changes in the browser interface (ie your home page) that can put an end to links to pages index there at the bottom. Instead of “page 1”, “page 2”, “page 3” and the like, the company seems to be interested in replacing these various links by a button which loads more results search .

Tests of the call infinite scroll happen to a select group of users. A French saw the functionality in operation and did not think twice: he recorded a video that shows scrolling without paging operating. Watch below.

(YouTube Video)

Changes like this are often a unknown. Is there anything that Google releases to users shortly after, but there are things that are never seen again.

If Google even adopt the infinite scroll on your browser, it will only re-using a feature that is in the air since October in Google Images (or Google Images, as you prefer). In the search for images no longer has links to several pages of results search. Instead, a button triggers the loading of more pictures, which are presented immediately below those that the user has checked.

Do you approve of the possible arrival of the new feature?