Google Street View Includes The View of Satellite and Some Changes in The Interface

Although the version of Street View seems to have difficulties to move beyond 2.0, the application continues to receive updates periodically, lately more emphasis on integrating images into 360 users than what traditionally knew as Street View.

The latest version of Street View,, includes some interesting developments that will try to convince you of the need for this application separately rather than integrated with Google Maps. First, there is the possibility of use the satellite map, It allows you to offer your services as a professional photographer and includes several optimizations in the interface.

Map satellite

To be an application where the main interest is to explore surround real photographs, view of the world that shows she was still being restricted to vector maps. Now, if you prefer, you can switch to satellite map mode, choosing it in Google Street View options.

Interface changes

If you have given image to the comparison of before and after in the previous image, probably you’ve noticed some subtle differences in the interface beyond the type of the map. The most obvious: the floating button with the symbol of more changes by a camera with a more. It also changes the text in the search box, what happens if “Find a place” to “Look for a tab of Maps”.

You’ll find other subtle changes when performing searches. In the search results now using a template of two lines more frequently, instead of hacinar most of the information in a line as he did so far.


The last change of Street View may surprise you a little. To enter the application options, you’ll see above all a new slider that wasn’t before, where only puts “is”, without any additional explanation.

The truth is that it is a somewhat regular translation of the English “Available for hire”, comes to mean that are available for hire. This function is designed for professional photographers that included 360 photos in Street View and part of the Street View Trusted Photographers might indicate that they offer their services.

These developments will come to your Street View sooner than later via Google Play, but if not you can always wait you can download the version from APKMirror.

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