Google Street View Change Navigation Mode

If you’ve been browsing Street View with the latest official version of Google Maps, version 9.26.1, you’ve probably noticed that something is a little different, where before there were some arrows to move around the map, there is now a ubiquitous blue line.

All we have done ever: use Google Maps to explore a neighborhood, following the road to see what there is in the vicinity. Until now you had press without stopping the arrows that, all told, sometimes they were very treacherous, and you sent to the other end of the district rather than where you wanted. The movement is now softer, then you must simply slide the screen following the blue line.

Everything is said, slide the screen following the blue line also is complicated, especially when there is a crossroads where several roads converge. It is assumed that based on trial and error we will end up getting us to this new movement. In addition, taking into account that the routes with Street View already appear as blue lines on the map tab, should recognize that the new representation is at least consistent.

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