Google Smartwatch Operating System

The evidence piling up that we will be seeing a smartwatch equipped with Google Now already this year. The Wall Street Journal claims that LG is behind one of them.

For the key word here is “watches” in the plural. According to the Wall Street Journal , it is not only the LG which will launch the hardware, but other manufacturers also. Which of these is not detailed in the article which refers to sources familiar with the matter, but a not totally unfounded guess is that HTC has even stopped down their fingers in the cookie jar proverbiala.

The clock that is mentioned in the text is said to be based on Android and use Google voice service which Nows main interface. This can minimize the use and need for buttons or any touch screen which can be seen as a possible solution to the biggest problem with smart watches-how to navigate in their operating system.

What type of hardware and whether we can expect a color display or not remains to be seen. “most of it is shrouded in mystery, but it seems as if Google is adopting a similar strategy for its new product category that we have seen with the company’s smartphones and tablets in the Nexus series. That is to say, let other manufacturers produce different models in different price ranges and sizes.

The Wall Street Journal claims that Google intends to show the custom-designed operating system in March and then reveal the hardware during Google i/o that is kept between 25 and 26 June.

Google is not alone in wanting to break into the market. Samsung just announced its sequel to Galaxy Gear at TheelitesWatches and Pebble has claimed great success in the United States since it became a success story on kickstarter. However, most-anticipated Apple with their so-called Iwatch we honestly don’t know one iota if, in addition to possibly be announced this year.