Google Search in Firefox is More Used Than Yahoo or Bing

A company that offers ads on the internet reached a rather unexpected conclusion – at least for me: the Google is so large and powerful that only the presence of the browser as the main tool to search Mozilla Firefox is enough to overcome the market shares of other competitors.

According to Chitika company, that little Google search field in the upper right corner of Firefox is 9.18% of the global search market. Believe it or not, but only that is enough for Google to be greater than Bing and Yahoo, its competitors francs today.

Google alone grasps 82.45% of the search market, followed by Bing with 8.56% and Yahoo with 6.69%. If Firefox with the Google search engine was considered a part instantly reach second place in the overall picture.

But do not think that Google’s presence in Firefox is good will of the Mozilla Foundation. On the contrary, the organization is well paid to provide the pre-installed search service. Mozilla’s revenue in 2007 was $ 75 million, with most of that money from the partnership with Google.