Google Music

Almost a month ago that Google filed Google Music in society, its new phase cloud music service Beta available currently in the United States and by invitation. We get to ask for invitations to fool the Google web into believing that we sailed from the United States. A couple of days ago we got the invitation and we are going to be offering the current version of Google Music.

Welcome Pack

The first time we access Google Music they offer us the possibility to add song packs free, organized by themes, singles of famous artists and new talents. A detail that is appreciated, since we can begin to use the service with some content and discover new artists.

Up our music

If you want to upload our music we have to download the Music Manager that is the link adds music, which is located in the top right. In the current Beta version they allow us to get free for a limited time up to 20,000 songs, then it is not known if he will have a free form or how much it will cost the service.

Google offers up our music four ways of synchronization. We can synchronize our library from iTunes, Windows Media Player, our Windows my music folder or select hand folders we want to upload to the cloud.

Currently Google Music supports the formats MP3, AAC, WMA and FLAC. FLAC files will recode MP3 320 kbps. The rest of formats seems to be raised in their original format without any extra coding, at least to play in the web version.

Music Manager default start in the background whenever we launch Windows to climb pending by uploading music or new music that we have added to our lists or folders on the computer. In its configuration we can choose if we want to that is the new music automatically, every hour, day, or week, or manually. The music that we delete the computer will not be deleted from Google Music.

Library in the cloud

After uploading all our music to the cloud already we can hear from the web or from our Androids. Google Music Library is divided into four sections. In the first section we have listing of New and recent that show us the songs that have been reproduced or added recently, and lists of Songs, artists, albums and genres.

We have three Automatic playlists, one with the songs that we have given votes in favour, another list with songs added recently and another list for free songs. We also have Instant mixes that are created when you select “ create an instant mix ” of a song, creating a list of 25 songs with very similar to the selected music to us. We can also create your playlists manually.

Since Google Music we can edit information our albums and songs. So just we have to open the drop-down and select that option. Offer us nine editable fields and front.

Authorising devices

In the configuration we can see all our devices that have access to our library of Google Music, where we can remove that permission if we no longer want to be synchronized. We can * pair up to 8 devices * at the same time. You can also delete Google Music all our music hit and give us the service.

How to get an invitation?

As we said at the beginning, only they can apply for invitations from U.S. residents, but you can fool Google using proxies. A way to do it is go to and select an American proxy that leave green listed on the right hand side. Once this proxy Web already have to put Google Music website, identify ourselves with our account, ask the invitation and wait for Google to send it us. Once received the invitation already may be the web from Spain.

Council: Since we use a free proxy, which do not have security references, it is highly recommended that before agreeing to it, let’s go into our Google account and change your password by another storm that will be used during the process of request for Google Music within the proxy. Once concluded the process on the proxy, and already out of it, we can return to our Google account and change the temporary password that we had before. In this way we will avoid possible scares and also have to update the password in all services and mobile where we are using it.

In the next installment we’ll see as it is Google Music for Android. We will analyze all developments offering new music player of Google, where we will see the advantages and disadvantages of the Beta version of Google Music.