Google Music Already Has Their Mobile Web Version

Google wants to get its music service to everyone no matter what operating system to have and with this reason just launched the web version for mobile Google Music, It offers us the possibility to listen to our music using this version in HTML5.

While Android has its native application, currently only can be downloaded from the Android Market if you’re us, you might not always want us or we can use the native application, and we have to resort to the web version.

To use Google Music in the browser, we have to have Android 2.3 or higher. Once fulfilled that requirement because we listen to our music via streaming in a very fluent interface similar to the application. We have tabs for artists, albums, songs, genre, lists and gender. Currently we can not create and modify our lists, and being a web application not to sync the music play it offline.

Remember that Google Music Beta officially only is available in the U.S. but once got the invitation is you can access the service without problems anywhere in the world. Google hopes to launch its cloud music service at the end of this year for all.