Google Maps Will Include a “Only Wi-Fi” Mode

Offline maps are nothing new in Google Maps, but now they are getting an interesting complement: the Wi-Fi mode, as its name indicates it will try to minimize the use of application data, unless you’re connected to a Wi-Fi network.

Though it may seem a redundant option, not so much. When you download an area of the map to be used offline, doesn’t mean that you have effectively mobile offline, but it can also be that your mobile data are too expensive and you want to download the maps at home with Wi-Fi. Until now Google Maps did not you give no control on how much data was using the application: new Wi-Fi mode implies that Google Maps will not download more data until you have WiFi. You must, therefore, download maps for offline use.

This function is already ready and unfolding between users, Although it is not known how long it takes to reach everyone. Requires download of maps offline, so if you don’t have this function activated still, probably touch you expect.

Delays in public transport

On the other hand, another feature that would be about to reach the users of Google Maps would be the notices on public transport delays (Metro, train, bus…) In this case, the information depends on public city transport authority, so it will depend on the agreements to get Google so that they are available in your city or not.

To receive these alerts, in the case of the subway, you will have to choose in which lines you are interested, and Google Maps will send you a notification when there is any incident in these lines.

Both developments are presumably being activated now, so they are independent of an update the Google Maps application. The only prerequisite is to have an installed version superior to 9.32 (the last official Google Play is 9.32.1)