Google Maps Shows You What Every Business

Google Maps is very useful during travel, and now he is going to be a little more. Who has not been used this service to search for a restaurant or a cafe nearby? It is very easy and as time passes it is becoming more and more effective as a guide travel.

Businesses in Google Maps can be categorized with precision in more than a thousand categories, but in the map view is not entering details: all restaurants They show the same icon, either a burger or an elegant Italian restaurant. To see the exact category you enter tab of each establishment.

Google is now by slightly changing this behavior, by now in Japan. Where before only put restaurant now may be “Restaurant of Ramen”, “Thai restaurant”, “Fast food restaurant” or any of the other hundreds of more precise categories. This information is displayed beside the name, without the need to touch to view detailed information.

This change is now available both the web version of Google Maps on Android. To test it you must scroll down virtually to Japan and navigate until you find some settlement categorized in a subcategory, which should not cost you much.

It is not known when this behavior will spread to the rest of the territories, but is expected that end up coming to the world given its usefulness, especially relevant for those moments in which you don’t understand the language. For example, if you read 京や on a map may not tell you much, but if it tells you that it is a “sushi restaurant”.