Google Maps Beta Lets You Save Places on Lists

Google Maps Beta includes a new feature that will make the delights of more advanced users of the application: instead of limiting you to mark places that interest you with an ambiguous star, now you can add places to favorite lists, places you want to visit or any other list that you can think of.

It is an enhancement that will come as a breath of fresh air to anyone who used to save places in Google Maps, but for now its launch is exclusive for the Local Guides of level 4 or above, and as long as registered in the beta of Google Maps. Remember that the benefits of level up in local guides was the possibility of testing applications and improvements before anyone else. This improvement is one of them.

Hipervitaminadas star

The stars of Google Maps it could mean a site that you like, that you are interested or you simply want to save for later. With the passage of the years, the maps of those who use them frequently seem a constellation, so these custom lists add useful to Google Maps.

These new listings are found in the section my places in Google Maps. Three lists are included by default: Favorites, I want to go and places highlighted, where are all the stars that you’ve marked to date. Nothing prevents you to create other lists with the floating button, assigning the name you want.

Into each of these lists are shown in a list, with a map at the top, placing each place. From this same window you can include new locations to the list, although you can also do it from the details of any place, by touching the button Save.

These lists behave like tags, so that the same place may be included in several lists. For example, a park could be in a list of places to exercise and in other city parks.

Today for Local Guides, in “months” for all

The e-mail that Google has sent to local guides of level 4 or above is rather taciturn details, although it includes this phrase that unambiguously later us that these enhanced lists will take still months in reaching the general public:

We are activating the lists to the Local Guides for level 4 + in Android during this week, months before the release to the public.

Other people must wait.

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