Google Maps 9.23 Changes to Green Notifications to Highlight on Your Screen

A new version of Google Maps It is landing on Android slowly and comes with a good list of news, some for the day to day and others to be more complete. A varied repertoire that should serve to improve the navigation both online and offline.

The most practical and direct is the new system of notifications. Now, directions from Google Maps with the mobile locked and on screen are green to distinguish themselves clearly from the rest. In addition, in a kind of fusion with Google Now, also invited to activate the option to view notifications of your timeline, i.e., to send notices about sites you have already visited when you pass by them again.

Information about specific places Cup great part of the update, as we can see thanks to the gut of it made by Android Police. For example, another of the improvements is the ability to upload photos relating to the sites that you’ve done a review from the same drop-down menu. The reliability of an opinion will be greater if it is also accompanied by an image.

In addition, to keep getting fatter your database, you will also ask the users who take pictures of places that the company considers of interest through announcements and notifications. This measure comes along with another that emphasizes control over updates asking users who visit already marked points if they are in accordance with the suggestions of the previous users.

And an extra in her womb, a small welcome message when you arrive at a border, although we have not yet found what refers.

Maps offline and direct traffic

Although many people still don’t know it, Google Maps allows you to browse offline. The only thing required is to download maps of the area in question, a decision that takes up space in the memory of your smartphone, but saving in consumption of data and makes the application faster. The metropolitan area of Madrid (all the M-50) is 107MB, for example.

So far you could decide that I will update the area alone after choosing the type of connection required for that operator. But with version 9.23 of the app it will also be possible tell the smartphone to automatically download one complete zone to reach it, under the same condition of connection type. A very useful option for those who have extra space in your memory because maps erased a month of downloading, so that should not be too worried about the saturation.

Investigating the strings, Android Police has also found a few lines that point to the possibility that Google Maps displays traffic only with time actual data. What you see now is a combination of up-to-date and historical information.

Google has been too slow to give Maps the relevance that should be on your desktop, especially knowing that it has become almost a necessity for Android users. Personally, what interests me is to check how the new sequence of traffic live because there are occasions in which you discard a route over an incident which was resolved an hour before.

It’s time try it as come other improvements which could be very useful. In my case, integration with weather information.