Google Is Back to Stay without Nexus 4 in Spain, Would Perhaps Not Learn?

With the announced time, everyone knew what time should be pending for plundering the most desirable smartphone in recent months. At 16:00 on 30 January Google Play again to stock the Nexus 4. If before the stock reached last time, this time average It has just become available for ten minutes, and in total has not come to be one hour available in Spain.

I hoped that after a first staging that can only be described as a desaströs, they had learned to have enough stock to the great demand generated by this terminal. But it has not happened, it seems that they have not taken anything in light of what happened a few months ago and again to disappoint his followers.

In Google Spain

This phone was called to succeed and give Android one leadership like no other. It has good performance, good price and updates from Google, but its image gets dirty with the disastrous launch on sale makes that many begin to catch mania to Google. The worst thing is that you whether you, someone doesn’t buy a Nexus 4 will it choose another Android phone, which is still giving them benefits, but the attitude with this terminal is very questionable.

We think coolly: is Google, one of the largest companies in the world and who knows how many people who want a Nexus 4. This lack of stock was already planned, which means that they do not want to invest much money in Spain, where Android has 84% market share in other countries such as United States, United Kingdom and Germany There is still the phone stock.

Definitely, Spain is not one of the objectives of the Nexus 4, something unacceptable to knowing how much used Android in this country. I fear will be the distribution of the so-called X Phone if they have already confirmed that the strategy of Motorola is to compete with the iPhone. Only hope to continue having import mobile pages.