Google Explains What Happened to Blogger

The snippet: Blogger is back! You can now access the control panel of your blog and write a new post much cursing the service and announced his departure for WordPress.

The great news: Blogger is back, said the Google in its official blog. According to the company, the web hosting service was inaccessible for 20 and a half hours, from Thursday afternoon (12).

The reason for the unavailability were corrupted data, which affected Blogger behavior.

“Yesterday we returned Blogger to a previous state of the maintenance and put the service in read-only mode while we worked to restore all content”. The head of the service said that triggered a Blogger’s backed up on Wednesday (11). As new posts and comments were published, the service team had to restore (in fact, is still restoring) all.

As usual, Blogger apologized for what happened. “We will do our best to prevent this from happening again.” It’s the least that can be done, of course: learn from mistakes, like common sense often dictate.

And for those who wondered if Google missed Blogger, the answer is felt. The company also blogs using Blogger technology, and were also impacted by the failure.