Google Enhances Street View for Mobile Web

If you were thinking about which applications they could uninstall from your mobile to use the web version in its place, add to the list also Google Maps and Google Street View. Google has just announce and launch a new rendering engine for Street View, especially in mobile, to improve the experience and equated it to the native application on various aspects.

The new API Javascript from Google Street View incorporates a number of improvements to make the smoother transitions, more fluid images load, a best touch control and the names of streets clear. If you are used to using the web version of Street View or the native application, all these improvements you will sound familiar, but so far the Street View mobile web version was rather outdated.

Old motor (left) and new (right)

Much of the improvements come from the hand of WebGL, as the previous correction of the “fish-eye” effect. Not all web browsers support this standard, but you shouldn’t have problems on Android: in Chrome since version is 30, in Firefox since Firefox 4 and Opera from version 12.

The integration with the mobile It is so perfect that the new version supports the same as native application touch control. This new API includes the possibility of using sensors to move the image synchronously with the movement of the mobile. However, there is no button to do so as in the native application.

To test these changes, all you have to do is go to the website of Google Maps on your mobile device, touch somewhere on the map with Street View and start the view.