Google Deletes Android Apps That Gathered Private Data

The Google was caught short pants this time: the team that takes care of the Android Market was forced to remove some wallpaper setting applications in a hurry. This app was collecting user information and sending it to a developer. All with the device owner’s consent, which makes things worse.

It was the company security Lookout who reported more than 80 applications that they offer options for wallpaper cell, as gathered various information, including the phone number. For an application of this type need to register the line number? I do not know, and apparently neither Google: the company suspended the software while investigating the situation.

According to John Hering, Lookout’s CEO in an interview with Wall Street Journal, the applications to which they warned would collect such data as soon as they were downloaded. However, this does not justify the collection, since it is not exactly common to have such applications requesting private information from users.

Hering also noted that most users do not pay attention to requests for data collection devices that exhibit. In this case, however, we can not put the blame on the application developer: it is the same user, which should be more careful to allow this kind of thing.