Google Buys Motorola Mobility for 12,500 Million Dollars

We occasionally see large acquisitions among large tech companies and today is one of those moments. Google has announced a Motorola Mobility purchase agreement for 12,500 million dollars. Xataka Android weather we speculate on this movement as a way of defending the interests of the operating system on the issue of patents and finally it seems that it has curdled the agreement.

This acquisition will allow the two companies ‘create amazing user experiences that enhance the Android ecosystem for the benefit of consumers, companies and developers’ However this acquisition It will not affect the nature of environment free and will continue working with the same philosophy.

Beyond the business details of the agreement and other possible consequences by the agreement are going to focus on what matters to us in Xataka Android: How does this agreement affect the ecosystem? and What can we expect in the future from this marriage between Google and Motorola Mobility?

In principle, as says Andy Rubin in the Google press release, This acquisition will not affect the nature of the Android ecosystem. I.e., we will continue enjoying a free operating system. A completely coherent if we bear in mind that the acquisition has done the Google and not Motorola.

Google and Motorola, boosting the production and distribution of devices

The most direct consequence of this agreement is that Google now It will promote more the part of hardware and Motorola will develop all the smartphones and tablets with Google brand. Maybe the Motorola Xoom wasn’t a coincidence and we’ll see what happens eventually with Nexus 3, terminal which is not yet known with certainty who will be the manufacturer.

On the other hand preference will be given Motorola Android handsets, in principle on these manufacturers, this in principle is something quite interesting since Motorola mobile users could updates to the system before but that brings us to another question what will happen with Motorola Blur? You know, the software layer that carry Motorola handsets.

Patents from Motorola, a resource to fend off the demands of competition

Another interesting issue is the subject of patents. As we discussed a few days ago are shuffled the acquisition of Motorola’s Google for an important package of patents and deal with the legal fight that keeps the competition with different manufacturers of devices with Android.

Without a doubt the acquisition of Motorola Mobility by Google is a very interesting move. On the one hand the Mountain View giant Gets resources to be able to manufacture and distribute devices In addition to a handful of patents that is shielded to defend developers and to fend off competition.

Now have to wait and see how events unfold to see the fruits of this agreement. Who knows if we will see some new from this terminal to the end of the year or if Google will boost Google Plus through Motorola terminals. Many questions and many debates but now I ask you Do you think this move by Google?

How has reacted competition?

The acquisition, you have yet to give the go-ahead for agencies, is beginning to spread through all media and competition has already done the first statements on the matter. Here you have a few: