Google Allo Going from Camino to Google Play, and You Can Already Download The APK

Today is the day that you can finally test the last Google Messaging application. We already have taken you a look: here are our first impressions and our Allo compared to other like WhatsApp or Telegram messaging applications.

If pre-registraste you on Google Play so that you receive a notice when Google Allo was available, stay tuned because most likely you notice get throughout the day. You can’t wait? Then it will always be you Download the APK, It is now available thanks to the magic of the Internet and the Android community.

Download the APK while it becomes Google Play

As it is usual, the fastest of the moment has been APKMirror. This well known hosting APK files page just update just minutes ago to include the version 1.0. 006_RC18 of Google Allo in different variants. They are as follows:

  • ARM 32-bit, 320 dpi
  • 32-bit ARM, 400-480 dpi
  • 64-bit ARM, 400-480 dpi
  • 64-bit ARM, 560-640 dpi

Choose one that suits your mobile infrastructure (if in doubt, is likely to be the first), download the APK and you can already install provided you have approved facilities outside of Google Play)Settings – Security – unknown origin).

Until Allo not reach Google Play can not know if the version in the APK is the same as the final version. This RC (Release Candidate) name already could give us a clue that is not the case, but also the Google Wizard is entitled “Preview Edition”, which could be another track. Once you are in Google Play will leave questions.

In the past it has happened to us that these extruded APK until they were on Google Play wouldn’t let you do the check by phone number until the application was finally released. This is not the case of this version of Google Allo, in which you can sign up and use without any problem.