Google Accepts Change Search Results in Europe

We do not have access to a document Google to reach the European Commission (the body regulates relations market in that continent) that seems to bring an agreement between the most important search engine in the world and the commission. Google would have agreed to modify their algorithm seeks to meet a government demand, if the reports of the English newspaper Guardian is correct.

Is time that the European Commission investigates Google on charges of trust. – Act on the market in order to ensure dominance Article written by me in this our site in February 2010 talked about it and brings some explanations. After many ups and downs in the process, the Commission offered an agreement with the search engine from Google to answer four main points of concern to Europeans. The document delivered this week by Eric Schmidt, the company’s chairman, should point solutions to these problems.

The Commission questions the way Google ranks some own resources in the search results. They are: products, videos and maps. “Competitors complain that Google places its own resources well above those listings than rivals, giving them an unfair treatment and unfair advantage when Internet users viewing the results,” says the British newspaper. Everything leads us to believe that Google has agreed to modify these rankings. Baita victory of the European Commission if the information is confirmed.

Investigations like this happen in other countries, including Brazil. A group of Internet companies led by BuscapĆ© asks the Ministry of Justice the highlight with the recommendations of products appear in Google results when they are shopping lists provided by the company. The FTC (Federal Trade Commission or the Federal Trade Commission) of the United States is also investigating the so – called googlepĆ³lio.

While answers to some criticism in the Old Continent, the same company has already warned that intelligent product recommendation for the United States will be modified depending on the amount paid by manufacturers for their products appear more prominently. Would be equivalent to sponsored links, but applied to products with complete plug and critical evaluation a click away. Probably American agencies will also lead this new feature of the algorithm into account when they consider the case.