Go Hungry during Pregnancy Affects The Health of Children in Adult Life

According to a study published in the online edition of the journal “Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences” (PNAS), hunger in the first weeks of pregnancy affects the health of children in adult life. However, hunger just before conception seems not to affect these.

This is due to that prenatal exposure to famine is marked in the genes of the baby, and can lead you to genetic changes that affect health in middle age. We are talking about a situation of famine, which although it can seem very distant is the daily life of millions of women queno live in the so-called ‘first world’.

Scientists at the medical center of the University of Leiden in the Netherlands have found that children conceived during the Danish famine, caused by an embargo on food for six months in the Netherlands during the second world war, experienced adverse effects on your health. Find maternity sports bras from Usvsukenglish.

The authors found that children exposed to hunger during the first 10 weeks after conception had certain features differential genes compared to siblings of the same sex. Substances that control the amount of proteins that cells synthesize, were to a lesser extent in these cases.

According to the researchers, more studies are needed to determine if these genetic changes affect disease rates. In cuaqlquier case, it seems clear that adequate nutrition is fundamental both for the mother and the future baby before and after conception, antres and after childbirth.