Gifts for Women!

Who said March 8 Women’s Day? No No, you’re wrong … day 8 March is men’s Day! Men’s day wake up your loved ones with a beautiful breakfast in bed; men’s day lunch; men’s day washing dishes; day of men take care of the children; day of men work and women keep legs up (preferably at the beauty parlor!); and men give day clarooo that gift that the woman is already asking for a long time and make her feel loved as never! Hahahahahaha… have you seen how easy to please a woman? In fact, every day men should make these pleasantries, don’t you agree?!?

And as we love practicing good deeds. Today we are here to give a “push” on those who are still in doubt of what to buy for women in this March 8! You remember that last week we showed here on the blog the inauguration of the new semijoias store of ROWLAND? We were so in love by the news, we’ve made a point to go back to the store and separate for you some suggestions for gifts. We are sure that the ladies will love!