Gift Idea for Swimmer

You have a passionate friend of swimming and you don’t know what to get him for his birthday or Christmas? Guide-pool offers a few gift ideas that facilitate the lives of swimmers and that adapt to all budgets.

  • The Microfiber towel: this is the perfect gift for a swimmer because it takes up little space in your bag of pool and dry much faster without losing its absorbency. Competitive swimmers all have and they have even several for race days because what’s worse than dry with a wet towel. Allow about 8 euros for a Microfiber towel.
  • The lap counter: it is an accessory to drag around your finger. It allows to count all the lengths of a series, to calculate the total time, time by length, the average time per length, the length the fastest and slowest. Simply press on the counter with your thumb at the end of each length. However, you must reset each new series and it does save any data. Allow about 10 euros to get a lap counter.
  • The fins swimming: reasonable length, the fins swimming slip easily into the bag of pool.They allow to work more particularly the legs and glutes. Check first with the pool because some institutions do not accept the use of the fins. Allow about 20 euros for a pair of fins.
  • The watch training: waterproof, it detects only each new length and remembers the time, actual activity time, the number of average movements by length, the number of lengths, speed, distance swimming and the number of calories expended. The watch also allows to save data per series and per session. Allow between 30 and 200 euros depending on the model chosen.
  • The camera is waterproof: very fashionable, the waterproof camera embedded (and especially the model GoPro) lets shoot you your outings in diving or during swimming workouts. She is perfect to improve his technique and style of swimming because it is also seeing its own mistakes that you realize. Allow about 250 euros for a waterproof camera.