Galaxy & Galaxy S6 Edge Note 5: So Can You Determine The Camera Sensor

A Galaxy S6 edge + is not necessarily exactly identical with a Galaxy S6 edge + – and the same is true also for the Galaxy note 5. As PhoneArena reports, Samsung in its two high-end Phablets installed two different camera sensors.

Galaxy & Galaxy S6 Edge Note 5 So Can You Determine The Camera Sensor

While some copies of the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge + and the Galaxy note 5 own an ISOCELL sensor from our own production, other devices contain a camera sensor from Sony. Why Samsung drives here two tracks, not declared official, however, it could be that the Korean manufacturer without purchased sensors from Sony has not enough components available to satisfy the demand for the release of the Smartphones.

Which One Is Better?

Make sure that one of the sensors is better and high-quality, needs to get hardly anyone, because comparative tests with the Galaxy S6 show that both chips produce good images. Even at the premium Smartphone with a few large screen, Samsung has used on the two different chips.

Who would like to know which camera sensor is in its Galaxy S6 edge +, who can verify this easily with a free app from the play store. The same trick works also with the Galaxy note 5, but few are likely to have in this country too soon so a device because Samsung has decided to do so, to provide the Phablet with stylus not in Germany.

First of all, you need the app AIDA64 is specialized to read as many hardware data from the respective device and graphically represent them in a list. Have you installed it once, the rest is easy. Opens the app, select in the main menu the item “Devices” and then just look what’s the entries “Rear-Facing-Camera” and “Front-Facing Camera” past the point “Camera ID”. “Sony_IMX240…” stands for the Sony sensor, while the name of the ISOCELL sensor from Samsung begins with “SLSI”.