FUN FACTS about Jewelry

Have you ever wondered how pearls are formed or where the tradition to give a diamond on the engagement? We have the answers to these questions now anyway, and still more. Extra for all jewelry lovers among you, we have compiled a small list of all fun facts about jewelry. Read yourself and test your knowledge of fun trivia.

How Are Pearls Formed?

Pearls are formed when a little bit of sand in an oyster. The oyster then produced “Mother of Pearl” as a kind of defence mechanism, whereby the intruder is covered so to speak, and layer by layer. A Pearl is in nature only in 1 of 10’000 oysters formed. Longer stays the Pearl in the oyster, the Pearl is the stronger.

How Did The Tradition To Give A Diamond On The Engagement?

Originally there was only one ring instead of the now usual to the wedding and engagement two. But then, in 1477, Archduke Maximilian of Habsburg of his lover, Marie of Burgundy was an engagement ring. This was the starting point for the modern tradition according to

Why Are Wedding Rings On The Left Ring Finger Worn?

You wearing engagement and wedding rings on the left ring finger, because you had once thought that leads a vein of this finger directly to the heart.

Where’s The Word Diamond Actually?

The term diamond originally comes from the Greek word “adamant”. This means invisible or unwavering.

Have A Special Significance In Sapphire?

In the symbolic language of jewellery means a Sapphire in the wedding ring of marital happiness.

What Is The Most Expensive Piece Of Jewelry That Was Created For A Movie?

The previously most expensive piece of jewelry that was created for a film is the necklace, wearing Nicole Kidman in Moulin Rouge. The 134-karat diamond chain with a total of 1308 diamonds costing a million dollars and was designed by Stefano Canturi.