From Now on, Almost All The Code of Chrome for Android Will Be Open

Google Chrome for Android will embrace Open Source opening up almost all of its code. So one of the developers of the browser has announced it on Reddit, saying that after long hours of work, the majority of your code has been turned in repositories of Chromium.

With this move Google not only has made available of any developer the code of its browser to Android, but that step opens the veda for its mobile operating system start to receive a genuine flood of new browsers, each one of them offering new experiences and mechanical on a common basis.

Chromium is the open source project Google built its Chrome browser on which, and thanks to their versions for Windows, OS X, and Linux desktop users have spent years can enjoy other projects that also use this same base as the browsers known Opera or Yandex.

But not all Chrome code is present in Chromium, of the fact that “almost all” clarifies that some features like support for AAC, H.264 and MP3 formats, Adobe Flash plugin or the system of automatic updates of Google left out the open project, but except for these proprietary codecs everything else remains almost identical.

Until now, those who want to rely on Chromium to create a browser in Android they had to adapt their own code, something that now will no longer be necessary because Google has even launched a wiki to help do so on the basis of the new code. Are you ready for the invasion of new browsers?