Fritz Box FON WLAN 7320

It must be not always of Daimler. With the cheap 1 & 1 home server alias Fritz box FON WLAN 7320 proves AVM that less is quite sufficient.

Who constantly rushes as a representative under deadline pressure via the motorway, protects his nerves with a comfortable, fast and great travel limousine. For Otto – normal citizens, it does, however, also a golf or Astra for the daily errands, the ride to work or even on vacation.

And it is the case with Fritz boxes which are telephony function almost as a synonym for Internet router with Wi-FI. There’s the Mercedes in the product category with the 7390. With VDSL modem, parallel dual-band Wi-FI, connections for VoIP, analog and the ISDN network, as well as an integrated NAS storage the box has built everything, which is good, but also expensive: AVM calls around 300 euros for the high rollers.

When all passion for technology you may will – however not forget that the far greater number of DSL customers via ADSL goes online, uses a pure IP connection and not much more than surf and calls, especially at a reasonable price. This is also at Internet provider 1 & 1 of the Status quo – and therefore this offers almost the new home server for normal connections as people-router, which trades manufacturer AVM Fritz box FON WLAN 7320. No question that connect took the box through the wringer.

Compact design with weaknesses

To fetch the 7320 out of the box, one is initially amazed about the dimensions: dimensions of 16.5 x 12 x 4.7 cm the Box is significantly smaller than for example the 7390 or 7270.

Positive there: How the 7390 AVM for the Wi-Fi radio relies on compact shark antennas. Negative: Obviously the housing savings, because something beherzterem pressure the plastic cover creaks himself, also jammed in our test device of the buttons for the DECT module. Both is not tragic, but somewhat tarnishes the first impression.

Fast wiring

Using the provided gray cable, the box with the DSL network is connected to RJ45 and TAE plug, the yellow Ethernet cable is used to connect of a PC via Gigabit Ethernet. Two wired network devices can be added directly. If you want more, can buy a switch or connect additional computers or other network devices via Wi-FI; more on this later.

But those who want to change its connection and use, for example, VDSL or TV-cable-Internet, be warned – because unlike most other AVM boxes you can marry another modem via LAN connection with the box in the 7320. This feature should be introduced with a later firmware version.

In addition to the sockets for DSL and Ethernet, you will find two USB 2.0 ports, on the the box makes contact with external storage such as USB disks / sticks or connects to USB devices such as scanners and printers and is to the server; that’s why 1 & 1 server is called the device also home.

Also on board is a TAE socket for connecting an analog phone, fax machine, or answering machine. The RJ11 socket on the back has the same purpose. However, the buyer must decide – you can take only one socket. You want to connect more phones, works across the integrated DECT base of 7320. For the AVM’s own handsets MT-D and MT-F are of course first and foremost because you harmonize best with the box. So, for example, the built-in answering machine of the box over the AVM mobile parts can be addressed directly.

With some limitations, you can log on but also any other DECT/GAP handset and use. When AVM now standard: the base dominated also the DECT CAT-iq for HD sound and special services such as Web radio or other features, use the device must support extension.

Wi-FI with familiar features

Meanwhile, many network devices via Wi-FI data transmission be connected – and here, the box offers practically the whole keyboard of the possibilities. The developers only on high-end features have saved. So comes the box despite the fast WLAN n standard “only” on a theoretical data rate of 150 MB / s because she support only a spatial stream (stream); the 7390 creates 300 Mbit / s.

In practice, as always about half left of these figures, which is enough for the average user who is still thick not just throughout the day HD video through the apartment beamt. Also dominates the box unlike the flagship Wi-Fi only on 2.4 GHz. This frequency band is though quite acute you don’t forget that automatic reduction of power the situation is defused by the automatic channel selection and as the 5 GHz band by overloading threatened, but may.

In addition, most Wi-Fi clients dominate currently only the 2.4 GHz band. Also the red pencil to the victims noticed are the analog and ISDN connection as well as the internal S0 Bus. Since 1 & 1 switches but anyway only pure DSL connections and in principle settles the telephony using VoIP, this fact interferes with the 1 & 1 customers not really.

And most users of the target group can also avoid the S0-Bus. Otherwise returns the box from the parental control over the email and built-in fax receiving up to the built-in answering machine, which reports the news on request via E-mail, the complete comfort range of large AVM-boxes.

A tip for commissioning: The box is at the bottom right warm, almost hot. Let’s just hope that AVM repair here by firmware. Until then, you should place the box on a flat and heat-resistant surface or just screw on the wall. After all, the Jack of all trades despite this troublesome heat development with a performance item name by about 5.5 Watt content.


Who can forgo VDSL, ultra-fast dual band Wi-Fi and a traditional phone line, which can be accessed in the 7320 with a clear conscience.