Frequently Asked Questions in The Third Trimester of Pregnancy

A few days ago we gave the second part of this series of posts in which we try to answer the frequently asked questions of the pregnant women in the third trimester of pregnancy.

At the entrance we speak syndrome of the nest, discomfort caused by the size of the belly and hemorrhoid inter alia.

Today we offer the third and last entry of those devoted to the third trimester of pregnancy:

Why it hurts his back and hips?

Because some hormones that are produced during pregnancy They relax ligaments and articulations of the pelvis to encourage the movement of the bones that make up the pelvic waist and help the baby to which can pass through the birth canal.

In naturegnosis, as the child grows you are taking different positions and sometimes presses on the lower part of the back. As the belly continues to grow the pregnant woman is changing your center of gravity and tends to lean backward, taking positions that used not to take.

This can help to make both back hips come to hurt.

Is it dangerous to exercise?

If the pregnancy is going well and if the woman has the energy and the motivation to exercise It is recommended to do any activity.

Swim, walk or even go to work if she wants to do it and it feels good to either take care of the household, may be some of the possibilities, provided that there is no task too difficult or too heavy.

Is someone make me massage good?

The massage helps relieve headaches and muscle tension. It provides wellness, relaxes and helps to recover energy, that it may serve to relieve back pain.

In summary: Yes, it is good that someone make massage a pregnant, While you must take into account that not recommended rub or massage the abdomen.

How are the pains of childbirth?

It is difficult to determine it because the pain of childbirth is unlike other types of headaches, basically because the cause is different. When something hurts usually means that something is wrong, that there is a problem, however the pain in childbirth is not a symptom (by itself) that something is going wrong.

Pain in childbirth will be intermittent, offering moments in which women can recover a little in terms of intensity and air will be widely variable: some women barely notice it, others compare it with menstrual cramps and others stated that it is a pain that affects the entire body and are not able to support it.

Should you write a birth plan?

It is not required, but recommended. A time that was considered a pretentious document by mothers receiving some professional reluctantly “as if this mother knew more than us” (though many others received it willingly) has changed to a more practical and eco-concept and often are the same professionals that encourage women to write a birth plan.

Thus can know your desires, your concerns and your knowledge for, from there, work together to achieve a delivery in the best condition for mother and baby.

What happens if I break waters?

Break water is what happens when, with dilation, break the membranes and amniotic fluid exits out. If the pregnancy is a term and break waters without contractions likely giving birth in the next 24 hours. In 48 hours the majority of women have already given birth.

Past that time could be risky to wait longer, as there is risk of infection of the uterus and the baby as a result.

Where to break waters, these were dark green (baby has made its first poop in utero) it is necessary to go to the hospital, risk that the baby would have sucked water.

And if there are still doubts

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