French Gel Nails

To have perfect hands for a long time, the right product is the gel Polish that now can also be used to create colorful French manicure and trendy.

The gels for nails is definitely a revolutionary product and every season that passes not only high quality but also enamels are made with bright colors and innovative.

If you like, the only limit is the use of a uv lamp, which can be obviously an obstacle. Until recently the gel was just transparent, but today you can really make the latest French manicure.

On the market there is an infinite palette, with which to have fun, experiment and create nails, then exploiting those who are the strong points of this product: durability, strength and reliability. It is unlikely that the gel sbecchi after a few minutes or that the nail will break. Happen, would be the result of a bad manicure.

That’s not all, because gels can also be mixed together to create new colors.

How to do it?

The best thing is to use clean jars and pipette for dosing a little at a time until you reach your ideal shade shades. You can also add some glitter if you look for a glaze luccicoso and different from usual. But remember, the jar should not be stored under direct sunlight or heat. Also, you better not be transparent. For security must have a CAP and then wrap it in foil.

How to make a French very modern?

Of course first of all prepare the nail. The second step is to choose two colors, one for the bedroom and one in contrast to the outer bezel. Applied before the main Polish entire nail and only eventually created the bezel. When finished, the enamel must be heightened under the lamp.As you can see the procedure is always the same. Be careful though to be precise, because the gel nail has a bit more complicated classical enamel. Do yourself maybe help a friend, especially for the right hand.