Frames of Glasses and Lipstick, How to Combine?

It’s no use, for more that already exist 1000 editorial talking about it, many people still get lost and don’t know how to match glasses and makeup. As it is, contrary to what many women think, that combination is possible, and it’s not that hard, you don’t. Long gone the time when eyeglasses were ugly and heavy, today there are prescription eyeglasses with the most different frames, with super delicate models, even the vintage or more futuristic, that end up serving as a very interesting accessory, giving a charm to more production. Here’s how not to miss time for makeup.

Tips to combine frames of glasses and lipstick

If your lenses always overshadowing the shadows and EYELINERS, choose to take the focus from production to the mouth, investing in lipsticks super interesting, make her look amazing. A great tip is to find the colors and designs that will leave the final result more harmonious.

First, for such harmony in production, you need to know which image you want to spend, that is, if you are going to a job interview, the ideal is to opt for a more formal look, in this case, glasses with frames more discreet and a nude lipstick fall super well, or can be a “color of mouth” or pink. But, if you’re going to a more relaxed, informal event, the tip is to abuse the colorful frames, embossed and even retro models, which give a special touch to the visual, breaking that ancient and feared visual nerd.

But of course, you don’t want to get Lady Gaga, no risky productions, the tip is to be cool, but with common sense, as well, to ensure a harmonious visual, consider the color wheel. The disc shows different shades and color works to find a balanced combination between them, invest in complementary colors or even investing in neighboring colors of directly opposite, earning two more tones that will leave the harmonious look, resulting in a known color blocking, which appeared in the last seasons in all the fashion magazines.

Explaining, if you opt for a green frame, the tip is to play a red lipstick, which will leave the super modern production, without ceasing to be harmonious. OK, you want to follow the trend and invest in Orange lipstick, then just bet set up, this will ensure a balanced and look stunning. But you don’t want large contrasts, want something more chic, like, “tone on tone”, then the answer is in the neighboring colors to choose, like lilac and purple, for example, is even easier not to miss, because the combination between similar colors is easier, more harmonious and more feminine. Can be used without fear. Another tip is to mix hot and cold colors, for example, Navy Blue with pink, Brown with orange.

At last, an easy rule to follow is that warm colors combine with the warm and cold with cold, and harmonize them with each other, for example, Golden frames are super well with red lipstick, blue frames with purple lipstick … many possibilities!

Who choose more colored frames and prints, the tip is if you play in makes more discreet, nude lipstick or lip gloss, to balance the visual and not create “competition” between the accessory and the color in the mouth. Remember, balance is always the best option, so a lighter and neutral makeup, goes better with colored glasses.

However, who’s got that kind of thinner eyeglasses, with metal frame, you can vary more in choice of lipsticks, so strong shades like red, pink, purple and wine are super welcome, besides leaving the more vibrant. Who already have glasses in vintage style, like the frames of type “kitten”, the tip is if you play in a make where the star is red mouth. Namely, frames or neutral rods accept a wider variety of options, glasses with thin metal frames or enable more colors in makeup, allowing the use of strong colours like red, wine and pink to her lips.

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