Four Screen Car Radios

The car radio today has a large touch screen and media pluralism on the road. We test four double DIN car to 700 euros.

Many car-HiFi-friend may want back times as car radios – received radio and play CDs or cassettes and nothing else. Sure enough a few buttons and a single-line display. What was clear! With CDs or tapes stuffed glove compartments and Central armrests, you had to have but to put. The radio as a Jack of all trades Today the situation is much more complex. In dozens of sound and picture formats we save gigabyte way our music on CDs, DVDs, USB sticks, memory cards or/and MP3 players, you can with your mobile phone via Bluetooth wirelessly to the car radio stream music, phone calls and even radio from the Internet. In the glove compartment, more space is thus again, this one has the clutter on the storage media – and in the player.

When a car radio, which is so much can, the ease of use is even more important – with a handful of buttons and a single-line display, it is no longer done. Instead, sortable lists, folder structures, and all kinds of menus are necessary as to the computer, otherwise one no longer finds his music on the storage media. Digital chaos map Therefore, car radios are today twice as large as in the past and have magnificent touchscreens. You can play even movies to everything else and partially also navigate, but above all order in the digital chaos.

We have picked out four double DIN Moniceiver of upmarket to 700 euros for the test. We have on the Navi boxes deliberately avoided, but our emphasis on the Panel: how well do manage, to search several gigabytes large music collections with a modern double DIN Moniceiver and to dominate?