Forgetfulness and Clumsiness during Pregnancy

As the pregnancy progresses, women can suffer an increase not just kilos but also omissions, deconcentration and motor ability. Are not capable of putting an end to a task, forget an appointment, the objects of the hands & #8230 fall us; Increased forgetfulness and clumsiness during pregnancy is normal, and it is due to several physical factors that affect us during this period.

Even from that feel the first symptoms of pregnancy these distractions and clumsiness often accompany us, and the most common is to do so over several months.

Forgetfulness during pregnancy

During pregnancy can befall us problems of concentration, forgetfulness, oblivion… due to hormonal changes. It is a normal phenomenon that should keep calm and accept it as such.

In addition, after the news of the pregnancy is normal that our minds be dedicated to explore the new State and continuously thinking about the baby, if everything will go well, how will evolve the pregnancy … leaving aside other details going to be forgotten.

The lack of concentration that accompanies us already from the first months of pregnancy can be extended up to the last quarter, when we also feel more fatigued, a reason more to remember the importance of a good night’s sleep during these months. Forgetfulness will continue presence also after the baby is born if we continue to accumulate fatigue.

What can we do to guard against so many blind spots? We can get an agenda in which record the important events or get used to make lists of tasks that we need to do, or simply to organize the mental chaos that sometimes overwhelms us.

Also reduce as far as possible the concerns of our day to day, something not always easy, or get the bar lower in our demands at work or at home can be useful to relax and to minimize the “ damage ” by those small mistakes. Poor memory can be accentuated if we suffer stress, by which relax and save energy will help to concentrate on what matters to us with maternity fashion from

Most awkward during pregnancy

With respect to the clumsiness, remember that it is also a temporary effect of the pregnancy. On this occasion it acts fundamentally the relaxation of the joints and fluid retention, that it can cause pregnant women to grasp objects with less firmness and security.

In addition, if we suffer syndrome carpal tunnel, the resulting pain and numbness in the hands, feet and joints in general will increase even more the clumsiness of movements.

Lack of concentration which we talked about earlier also affects this less ability to develop certain actions earlier carried out naturally, effortlessly and without incidents.

What can we do to be less awkward? It is something that is hardly controlled, simply we can put more attention to catch or handle objects, the more solid and conscious movements. Also when we cook or driving we will have to take extra care as far as possible to avoid accidents.

And if we consider that we not even with that attention decreases our clumsiness, better to let the delicate work a season.

What are the reasons?

The causes that would cause this increase in the oblivion, forgetfulness and clumsiness during pregnancy are not entirely clear, aunmque it seems clear the effect of hormonal changes. Is believed to be associated with hormonal changes that would reduce the size of neurons and altered their interconnection, modifying substances that are responsible for sending biochemical signals including.

Other studies show there is a change in cognitive function, with greater difficulty to gain new knowledge or to remember past events.

To this we can add a point mentioned above: now the pregnant woman is thinking ahead, with the logical concern if everything will go well and finish the endless list of things that must prepare before birth.

When do I have to worry?

As we say, both the clumsiness and forgetfulness are normal during pregnancy, to a certain extent, that we concerns while they allow us to carry out our daily life with more normality possible, without affecting our physical and mental health.

Only if we believe that lack of concentration is affecting our way of life and accompanied by suffering or lack of interest in general, or cease to enjoy the activities we liked before, we will have to consult a doctor so we advise or, if this is the case, diagnose any problems, since they could be symptoms of depression.

Regarding the clumsiness, it may be symptom of carpal tunnel syndrome or edema, so it is necessary that we make medical monitoring of pregnancy and ask a specialist for that disgnostique these diseases given the case of pains and excessive difficulty of movements.

But, not to those ends, forgetfulness and clumsiness during pregnancy are normal and they are due to physiological causes. And although we can use some “ tricks ” to mitigate its consequences, also have to get us to live with them.