Fluorescent Lingerie from Luminoglow

A few days ago I talked of the revolution of new technology or smart fabrics capable of altering its nature as a response to the action of different external, both physical and chemical stimuli; Why has drawn me much attention the proposals of Luminoglow, a brand of Australian Lingerie founded by Jan Hawley designer who has designed a collection of fluorescent clothes that glow in the dark.

Jan Hawley He decided to baptize this collection made with chromic fabrics adorned with lace under the Aurora name, which continues to be a bright idea since these curious items light up as soon as the lights thanks to some dyes microcapsules sensiles to the action of the light go out.

With this collection Luminoglow offers us a small revolution with sensuality. A small luxury at a very reasonable price Since prices ranged from 41,00 euro to 115.00 EUR.

Best of all is that if you have I grace you can buy it online through the website of the brand. The only downside is that the period of ageing of these molecules is usually three months. Of course, then you can use it as a conventional lingerie reviewed by Shopareview.

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