Floorstanding Speaker B & W 804 diamond

Already a few minutes after unpacking the B & W 804 diamond unfolded (7,000 euros the pair) an aura of festivity, when itself was warm to the heart savvy HiFi connoisseurs.

What membrane is the best for tweeters? Soft materials, such as fabric, produce virtually no own sound, but not always completely follow the movements of the drive. So, there is the risk that only the edges produce sound – where the voice coil introduces their forces.

Hard membranes behave, however, as a first approximation as a fixed piston, which considerably more closely follows the drive ideally. However, rigid materials such as metal or ceramic are by no means free of specificities. They tend to narrow-band, strong resonances at the upper end of their spectrum.

Artificial diamond – on this material more and more manufacturers – combines the advantages of conventional materials. Diamond is extremely lightweight with excellent rigidity and allows bandwidth up to 70 kHz without any significant departures.

Not only bats will benefit from this accuracy. In the hearing-sensitive frequency range between 1000 and 5000 Hertz, the 804 distorted diamond so little that even at highest volumes in the clanking diagram hardly Opacities are visible. See the box below for more information.

The second generation of the diamond dome recently introduced by B & W owes its superior properties a new, four-part magnet system. 804 S model was equipped with a significantly simpler metal dome made of aluminium.

Thanks to fine work on the suspension of edge of and the free floating accommodation in a teardrop-shaped Chamber, the further developed Diamond Tweeter achieves an unusually large angular illumination of the room. Side and behind the speaker high tone portions are substantial.

B & W was no slouch in the new edition of the 804 and bought two new bass driver with ultra linear double magnets that push the lower cutoff frequency at unchanged dimensions from 40 to 32 Hertz apart from a refined midrange. Thus, the B & W exceeds the bulkier comparison boxes of Chario and Quadral, the 37 and scored 34 Hertz.

But what has the listener from all these refinements? Initially an unusually fresh and brilliant sound character that wants – so don’t fit into the traditional image of the intimate B & W sound with expansive basses and a well-tempered although but slightly stolid character.

The bass began to Groove delicious

Already a few minutes after unpacking the 804 diamond has developed an aura of festivity, when itself was warm to the heart savvy HiFi connoisseurs. After two days, also the bass filed his restraint and started to Groove on the most delicious, always remained but quantitatively on the dry side. Burgeoning fears the new 804 was an ascetic box, which wants direct focus on their stunningly clear and sonorous playing medium – and high-frequency unit with distinctly slim Foundation, received no food: the tester kramten out classical works that allow clear statements about the balance of the frequency ranges as well, timing, and spatial.

A sound like musically beyond doubt recording of a Beethoven trio for piano, violin and Cello in 1987 with the Abegg trio should bring enlightenment. And behold, the 804 behaved extremely consistent, played wonderfully relaxed and detail. And the delicate strings? You toned not too bright, but just only incredibly fine and of course.