Float Tube Fishing Guide

What is the Float Tube?

The float tube is a small ring in the shape of a ‘V’ or ‘U’ and in the beginnings of the technique, we found them in “O”. Invented by the United States, to reach inaccessible spots of the edge, she replaces often bulky vessels and goes to work in just a few minutes! Easy to carry, it gives us all the advantages of a fishing boat classic without the drawbacks. It is very cheap: no engine to power, minimum maintenance for maximum pleasure! Propulsion will therefore made by your own muscles, allowing approaches to spot without noise and in the perfect position. You can see the float tube it’s many benefits, greater freedom and pleasure of fishing to its maximum!

Start the float tube!

The main material:

The choice is very important: many brands have embarked on the adventure, not always with the same quality! As we saw above, we can find some float tube in different form: ‘o’, you won’t find more, these are the first models created and they were really not practical at all!

‘U’ and ‘V’: for your purchase check that the socks are well isolated from the other.It is a guarantee of quality and security; Indeed, in the case of puncture any sausages remaining can keep you a fishing float!

Choose a model with plenty of storage: pockets are still missing and it is often annoying (usually on the armrests and often on the back behind the seat storage are a minimum) the model shall be equipped with rings, for example, to hang an anchor or any other accessory.

Comfort is preferred, you will see that some models are much better than others and especially better equipped!

The JMC brand is the pioneer in France fishing, it innovates constantly so the fame of its floats tubes is flawless, stability and a remarkable comfort! Prefer v-shaped models, for a faster trip. The Outcast brand with its fish cat float is also very good.These two brands are the most used in France!

Once the choice of your float tube made, you will need to equip yourself with a waders, the top being about 4mm thick neoprene. This will allow you to fish comfortably and effectively combat the cold! You will also need fins, there are short fins especially designed for this technique but I advise you to take traditional in order to advance a little more fins quickly!

The equipment Annex:

-An inflator is not necessary because the majority of the floats are inflated mouth easily, but an inflator classic walk can be a plus for the comfort!

-A lifejacket is recommended, because the water remains a dangerous environment and you are not immune to sink! Hydrostatic models are nice but a bit expensive.

-An anchor in case of danger or big cramp, it also allows you to prospect and hold a position!

-Of water, a hat, glasses, or a mobile phone can be useful.

Fishing equipment:

Float tube, you practice fishing almost in the same way with the same hardware and the edge has a detail, the cane! Choose a short model with a heel also rather short, this will prevent you to fish their arms in the air… The top being, a cane with a removable reel!

Safety rules for practicing the Float Tube

It is a pleasant, rather simple fishing that allows a great freedom and a new vision of the spots, but there are still a few rules to practice safely!

-The lifejacket, not mandatory but recommended.

-Know the course, river you can quickly end up facing a small quick! Know the areas or you can return to the Bank quietly is also a plus.

-If you start, take out two or more, it is more secure.

-The weather is also an important factor, avoid when the wind blows.

-Beware of cramps!

-The single and triple hooks are the worst enemies of your float tube so be very careful and store them in small boxes adapted.

-Pressure from your float tube is very important: too high this will damage your float tube and increase the risk of puncture. On the contrary under inflated, stability may be reduced, this happens often after several hours of fishing, remember to take breaks to re-inflate it a bit!

Customization and tinkering of the float tube

As often the fisherman is handyman! And improvement of the tubes floats basic wasted no time. Here are some small improvements and possible crafts to bring you more comfort and save some money!

-As we saw you need an anchor and as say you we can very quickly get tangled and find themselves in the middle of a mess: the trick is to get a dog with reel leash, attached by a carabiner on your float tube is very effective and not of tangles!

-You can also add a homemade door-rod or buy in store.

-Adding an echo sounder can be a plus, some models have a location to host it.

-You can also find additional covers, inflatable seats, punctures kits but also various additional straps!

The goal is to improve your daily comfort but forget the frills!