Flat Iphone Battery

The iPhone is pretty high on the popularity list of mobile devices for the use of Office functions via the Internet. Contributes to this also, that the incoming messages and other documents about the Wi-Fi network to the printer can be passed from your iPhone.

Now it happened a friend that his iPhone battery has inflated and then even the housing to the jump brought.

Bloated and Flat Battery on the Iphone

Since 2009, there are reports of damage caused by batteries ballooning up again and again. In France, where a teenager was injured by a shattered display has started. Meanwhile, there is even an interactive map in which the affected iPhone users can subscribe to. Unfortunately, it is only in French available. Particularly affected are obviously the iPhone 3 and 4 variants. Here swells on the iPhone battery with no previous sign. This can be done just as well when the print jobs to the laser printer and the ink-jet printers as well as simple phone calls. That happens during the transfer of a print job, are usually not to fear damage to the printer. Only the print job is not running, whose transfer to the iPhone “adopted”.

Bloated iPhone battery, then even the casing burst

Prevention Against Swell Up and Bursting Iphone Batteries

Overheating were supposedly identified as one of the causes. What it just causes, silent is Apple to do this until today. Compute-intensive applications and parallel charging of the battery should therefore be avoided. At ambient temperatures of more than 35 degrees Celsius should be providing iPhone out of operation. These are the advice that gives the Apple support. The meaningfulness of these tips is particularly questionable, because the iPhone as a navigation device can be use. It can be due to the necessary placement in the car often do not prevent that it is exposed to intense sunlight.

Even the casing burst inflate by the iPhone battery

What to Do When the Iphone Battery Bursts?

The iPhone battery when you send a print job or gambling “to the ears”, flying you should first check whether you have still a warranty claim. This is the case, the dealer and Apple are even the right person. After the warranty period, a regulation on private insurance companies in question would be. You have a mobile phone insurance, you can sign the damage there. Otherwise still home insurance and private liability in question, would be what depends on the ownership of the destroyed smartphones. Has to leave, for example, his own iPhone on the terrace in the Sun, you should contact the home insurance in connection, which then eventually takes over the around 160 euros, which are due for a repair of mobile phones with the ruptured battery.