Flash Upgrade Firefox Hangs When Trying to Open Videos

Whenever a serious vulnerability is found in Flash or is there any news that Adobe wants to implement an update to the plugin is released and installed (in some cases automatically). But an update released by the company on June 8 came with a bonus that few people expected: it locks the browser Firefox when trying to open Flash videos.

This problem was acknowledged by the Adobe few days after the update and also by Mozilla, which has received reports enough of its members to publish a post on its official blog on Friday of such crashes. According to the company, the setting in which crashes are concentrated are installations of Windows Vista and Windows 7. In these systems users report not only the freezing of Firefox as problems in loading videos.

The Adobe believes that the problem is in Protected mode, security functionality created for Firefox 4.0 and subsequent versions, combined with RealPlayer extension. The solution that Mozilla has offered this help article, is to make the downgrade to Flash 11.2 until Adobe has will time to fix the problem and release a new update. Mozilla ensures that companies are working together to make the problem is corrected as quickly as possible.