Flare or Skinny Jeans

Two cuts, two styles, two ways, but only one winner. That denim flare or slim will win this Fight Fashion? The confrontation looks terrible and it’s time for you to take advantage. No more nice compromise, fake-ass and hypocrisy: between the flare or the skinny, he will have to choose…

One comes from the punk movement, the other of the hippie movement but don’t get us wrong, this Fight Fashion is not really political: since the 1970s (and our Fashion Fight Joan Base vs Joan Jet), fashion has both recovered for purely aesthetic purposes-opportunistic!
The story could have ended there, but as everyone knows, the cohabitation of cuts also contrasting-not to say downright opposite-turns out to be difficult… There are pros and antis, those who hate or those who love (and others who care, not swearing by their old buggy and another bootcut shabby, but that is not the subject today).
The fashionista must take part and engage in one of the hottest fashion debates of the moment. The skinny lives actually his last hours to the benefit of the flare jeans? We announced the end of the slim: tragedy or boon? It’s time for your booty to join a party, one of the free buttock (to vote flare, type 1) or that of the mold-haunch (for the skinny type 2).