Five Tricks You didn’t Know for the Samsung Galaxy Note II

The Samsung Galaxy Note II is here. Your hardware has caused sensation and it is this hybrid between smartphone and tablet is a very attractive device for all those who want a terminal capable of offering the best of both worlds.

However, its so cutting-edge technical specifications are only part of its appeal since all the difference on this phone are all the capabilities offered. If you don’t know them, today in technology you your you will discover five tricks that make this so special terminal.

Make screenshots using the S-Pen

The S-Pen is made so that we draw upon him. However in the 2nd Note We can do something useful with it. Make cuts of screenshots. To do this, just press the physical button that has the stylus and the cut. We can then paste it into another application such as e-mail or notes.

This is very useful for when for example we see something that we liked on a web page: for example a particular product. Select it and then share it with your contacts. Catch images differently to that offered by Android by default. If you want to access this only have to press the power button more Home, exactly the same in other models such as the Samsung Galaxy S6.

Use direct commands with the S-Pen

Another very useful for S-Pen use is access to shortcuts. So we must slide the stylus from bottom to top and you will get the list of commands: do a search on the Internet, write an email. Each of them is associated with a drawing, which once we have done and we have introduced a Word will appear. The strokes recognition system is very good.

For example, if we want to look for a place on the map. We first write the drawing, an accent, and then our destination. We can customize all of these actions in many different ways to run all applications according to what you need. Ideal for users more advanced.

Emerging applications

5.5 inch Galaxy Note II screen is very large and Samsung wants that we take him the most. So he has introduced two very useful applications that work slightly different to what offers Android by default. These are the pop-up notes and browser clients.

We can configure the first menu from settings and it is basically a small note that appears when we remove the stylus. We wrote it and then save it. The second is a browser that allows us to open links to websites in a quick way and with the other application in the background. Ideal for example when we open a page from Facebook or Twitter app.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 multiwindow system

Another way to take advantage of the screen is the multiwindow. Or what is the same, it’s possible to have two applications open at the same time. This already saw him in his day with the Galaxy Note 10.1 though in this case the system is much more refined since it is compatible with most applications and can also adjust height.

To activate it just let down the back button. Then will appear a tab with different applications that can open. In principle, we can not take all but the main ones are on the list: Twitter, Facebook, GMail, Google Chrome… Very useful to do two things at the same time.

Customize your lock screen

As already happened with the Samsung Galaxy SIII, we can customize the lock screen with more information. From the icons of direct access, we can change to pleasure, to see the time, which takes the data from AccuWeather desktop widget.

Also can activate another function, the news. A feed with the breaking of Yahoo! It is updated manually. Once we have activated it us aparecera a tab at the bottom to drag it to show all the news. As you see, many functions have shown that this Samsung Galaxy Note II is capable of doing many things.

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