Five Shoes With Which You Can Welcome The Summer

After we have recently found six chinos, which the man needs in the summer of 2017, we dedicate ourselves today to the appropriate footwear. For this reason, I would like to introduce you to five types of shoes, which in my opinion make a good figure in summer. Do not worry, the sandal is not to be found under it-but may also be due to the fact that I can not do much with this “shoe”.

Instead, we are concentrating on shoe classics, which make a good figure in the warmer, more dry months. They are wonderful to wear shorts, chino and jeans and harmonize with shirt or T-shirt. I would not recommend this hotel to anyone.

Penny Loafers From Wild Leather-Between Office And Leisure

With the Penny Loafers from Wild leather, I give you a type of shoe that will master the fluent change from work right into the beer garden or the lake. It may be that this is extremely versatile. A classic Penny Loafer can be worn wonderfully with a smart casual outfit, but also fits perfectly with the simple combination of shorts and shirt or even a light summer suit.

Just for the summer, the decision should be made on Penny Loafers from suede and not on the classic leather variant. Alternatively, for example, Monaco Duck also has chic specimens from Loden in the assortment, which tend at least optically in the direction of the suede variant. The Penny-Loafer per se is defined by its transverse slot above the ridge in the shaft bridge, as a model variant of the classic loafer.

Thanks to the used suede you can get a good base for your own outfit. Because the material harmonizes wonderfully with a variety of shades and textures of the other garments. Whether you’re wearing a chino and light summer blazer or shorts and polo shirt.Always make something.

Note, however, that the pants do not touch the Penny Loafers.There should always be a gap between them. Say, your own footwear is fully visible. Therefore it is also understandable that the socks should not be seen, the ankles are emphasized thereby. On the socks you should not, however, at Wildlederschuh but do not do without, since these are a little more vulnerable to sweat than the pure leather variant.

White Sneakers-Just Go

If I should time more than half a minute, which shoe I actually wear, then the decision usually falls in favor of one of my white sneakers.If you just do nothing wrong with. For the combination of jeans and light blue shirt I can wear these as well as to a simple shorts with polo shirt. Operated in 99% of cases.

Also in the summer of 2017, one will often see white sneakers. A few details, however, have to be considered. So they should be rather narrow and well-fitting. It also offers great logos and accents on the upper to renounce. From textile to smooth leather everything is allowed. But in general: Understatement true!

Anyone who is now afraid that their own white sneakers wear after wearing can no longer convince. Since dirt, dirt and Co. remain clearly visible, I would like to recommend the Jason Markk Premium Shoe Cleaning Kit. With this I have only recently treated a pair of white sneakers from 2016 and they almost look like new. Of course it also works wonderfully with a variety of other shoes – so for me a must-have in their own shoe care assortment. This is only on the edge…

Boots Shoes-Ahoi, Welcome In Summer

With the prejudice that you can only wear boots and sailing shoes on the high seas, I had already clarified some time ago in the previously linked article. Now, however, they have finally arrived in the summer style, which is certainly due to the wide choice of colors for this special type shoe.

Sure, the boat has its origin on the high seas, however, one should not emphasize this visually too much. At least with the sailing boots you want to wear yourself. They should be comfortable, otherwise rather minimalist and not overloaded with zige buckles and conspicuous laces. As an alternative to the classic boot of leather, the variant of linen can be used in the summer.

If you do not want the “lake” factor of the boots to be too much in the center, then you should not combine with a T-shirt with Breton stripes. Rather, go to the plain, light shirt. But even to the jeans, the shoes can go through as a sneaker replacement.

Espadrilles-A Light Shoe For Hot Days

I already looked at the Espadrilles a little more closely last August,and even then we realized that this is the ideal shoe for hot days. Linen, cotton or hemp are mainly used as materials and are thus originally vegan.

The espadrilles make a good figure in combination with a chic trousers or chinos. So these are easy, convenient and almost ideal for switching off at the beach. Quasi the perfect chill-out shoes.Shorts and shirt fit well to the summer shoe. In the rain you should rather leave this at home. The sole thing is that the shoe is not particularly resistant due to its materials used.

When traveling in the city, it is advisable to use dark shades, as the espadrilles tend to absorb dirt quickly. In dark colors, this is not quite as fast. Otherwise simply using an old toothbrush and scrubbing some washing powder-should help. But make sure that no water comes to the shoe-at least not too much-otherwise it loses its form.

Wild Leather Derbies-The Ideal Shoe For The City

Not every day you can spend the summer at the beach or in the park. Is unfortunately so. But at least one should be prepared for the case. Here the derby leather derby looks wonderful. Because in the Wildleder variant, this is an extremely versatile item and offers good combination possibilities.

As with other suede shoes, the derby of suede is also more vulnerable to dirt and dirt. It is therefore recommended to have a suede brush in your own shoe care assortment, which allows you to take care of the material of the shoe. For the summer, the derby in a beige, light brown or tan is a sensible choice. In these colors it can be combined more easily than in dark chocolate shades or entirely in black.

In combination with a summer suit, Wildleder-Derbies make some.But also to slim-cut chinos and trousers in combination with linen shirt, cotton blazer or pique-polos can convince them.

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