Fitness Fashion: Lemon Grass

Hello guys!!! And ae girls, ready to start the week with a lot of inspiration and fulfilling the promises of new year? 

Chegaaa lazy huh, after this post we want to see everyone running to the gym … hahahahahahaha! Summer angel, gams corpitcho healed, outside, what woman doesn’t love enjoying the hottest station of the year with everything on top? But between you and me, as well as get with the perfect body, we women still worry about another very important subject in time to work out: be dressed nice, beautiful and beautiful! Yes, even if it is for breaking a sweat!

So, thinking of our readers who love Fashion Fitness, andyoutdoor prepares a post that has all the chicks need: beautiful pieces and low prices! We love it! We check out the promotion is rolling in Lemon Grass, Campo Grande (MS) specializes in fitness fashion, and made several fashion mines. The store works with various brands, such as: high turning, MONICA ADAMS, MIZUNO, ADIDAS, blonde and brunette, and even the brand name Gaucho ROLL GIRL. The meshes of gymnastics are full of colors, prints, models and different cutouts, comfort and convenience! We’re super excited to start the workout and parade our outfits for gyms … lol! This time there’s no escape neh? Inspiration fashion … opsss … is no lack of fitness!